Tempish Nixin 200 AL Sparkcykel Vuxen Rosa

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It is lightweight and compacts down to a small and practical carry-size.
Easy to maneuver
With the big and fast wheels, you need a good stopping option which is found at the rear wheel in the shape of a foot brake
With the slim handle-bar width you can easily carve your route through the busy morning traffic
Hjul diameter:200mm
Deck design:Ihopfällbar
Max. vikt på förare:100kg
Deck längd:40cm (15.75")
Framgaffel typ:Med gänga
Framgaffel design:2-deld
Kompression typ:Threaded
Bar material:Aluminium
Bar bredd:400mm
Clamp storlek:Double
Hjul profil:Rund
Hjul hårdhet:Ej angivet
Kärna material:Nylon
Kärna design:Spoked
Kullager precision:ABEC-7
Broms typ:Bult/Fjäder
Samling:Delvis samlad

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